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There’s no doubt that looking for a job is a full-time job. Searching for the right opportunity, preparing and going for interviews, waiting for a call back or sometimes a rejection is emotionally draining and often a long process. However, there are ways that you can plan your time and your days to make this task seem more manageable. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

Make a schedule and stick to it

Structure your day like a proper working day and maintain these timings throughout the week. Get up at 7am, go for a run or to the gym, get dressed, make yourself a good breakfast and set yourself up for productive day. Set out a list of tasks for yourself and make sure it’s realistic, achievable and works for you. Don’t just sit at your computer all day either; get some fresh air and exercise and keep that brain ticking!

Location, location!

Set yourself up in a quiet, tidy place where you are unlikely to be distracted. If you don’t have somewhere at home where you feel you can work comfortably, then take yourself off to a quiet café or library where you can settle in.

Organisation is key

If you are confused about what career path you want to take, make a distinct list of things you want to get out of a job, and the skills you have and want to develop. Use this to find the relevant recruitment agencies and companies that you want to connect with. Call and arrange a time to go in and register with them – don’t delay or put it off, they are there to help and you need to get the ball rolling! Keep a list of people you’ve called, jobs you’ve applied for and CVs you have sent. Remember, your base CV may need tweaking depending on the types of roles they have.

Use alternative ways of searching

Social media is a great way to market yourself, so make sure you have a professional and up-to-date profile that will attract recruiters and employers on every platform. It’s also a great way to network and connect with people and keep track on what’s out there.

Talk to people!

You shouldn’t sit at home alone all day – set up meetings with friends or any contacts you may have, they might have ideas you haven’t even thought of or might have other useful contacts for you. You might also be able to help them – this is a challenging but exciting process where everyone should communicate and work together.

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Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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