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When we are briefed on a new piece of business, the first thing a consultant will do is place an advert on the job sites we use, including our website and social networking sites.

We do this to make sure we are choosing the most suitable candidates for the vacancy from the widest pool possible. This is done before a database search as advert response takes time to come through.

Once the advert has been placed, then the consultant will conduct a detailed search on our state of the art database.

Our database holds all our registered candidates – including you! This record will include keywords so that we only speak to you about the vacancies you are going to be interested in. The interview notes taken by your consultant are attached alongside any further information you have provided.

When a consultant carries out a search, they are looking at everything from location, capabilities, type of business and role etc. Languages may be desired, previous experience within an industry may be requested etc. Whilst we keep the search criteria as open as possible, the consultant has a duty to their client to select the candidates that tick the most boxes.

That is before we even get to personality fit! One of the reasons that a Tiger consultant visits each and every one of their clients is to get an idea of culture and the personality profile of the business and people that work there. It is vitally important that we try and get the personality fit right for both the candidate and the client.

So, to sum up, whilst we fill many permanent, temporary and virtual jobs each year, there is actually a surprisingly small pool of candidates who are suitable for each vacancy we take on. This is enhanced further by the way we work at Tiger. It could be that you are contacted almost immediately regarding the perfect role, or it could take the Tiger team a month or so to contact you regarding roles suited to your skills, experience and personality profile.

Sometimes we do get it wrong or candidates change their goalposts. Please let us know of any changes you would like us to make to your profile. Please update us whenever your salary expectation or notice period changes and remember, we need an updated CV from you every 3 months whilst you are job hunting. Send these details through to the consultant that registered you and they can update the system and the wider team.

Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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