How to be productive between Christmas and New Year’s

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If you’re one of the few professionals who find themselves commuting to work on December 27, finding a positive spin on your situation may seem almost impossible. However, as stormy as the cloud may appear, there are plenty of silver linings to working between Christmas and New Year’s.

First and foremost, this typically quiet period means you’ll have plenty of time for doing those things you keep putting off. Take the time to write a comprehensive to-do list and methodically work through it – not only will the time pass quickly, but you’ll hopefully start 2018 with a completely fresh slate.

If your supervisor or manager is also in over the Christmas period, now is the time to organise a one-on-one catch up. With fewer people in the office, you’ll face less competition for their time, and will be able to have a proper catch-up, covering the year in review, the year ahead, any scope for promotions or professional growth or any ideas you have for a new project. Similarly, you’ll also have unprecedented access to any mentors or senior staff, meaning there’s potential to pick up some valuable lessons.

Lessons can also come in the form of upskilling. With some extra time up your sleeve, now is the perfect time to complete that online course you’ve been eyeing off, or finally reading that industry-based book you’ve had on your desk for six months. If you haven’t already done so, familiarise yourself with current literature, trends and technologies in your industry, ensuring you’re completely up to date. Whatever you learn you’ll be able to inject back into the business, making for an incredibly beneficial use of your time.

With 2018 just days away, the last few days of December are ideal for making sure your diary is completely up to date. Fill out your appointments for January, block out any trips you’ve already booked and make sure all your leave requests are with the relevant people. While you’re there, take some time to set some realistic goals for the year ahead, setting benchmarks along the way.

After all this, if you still have hours to spare, it’s time to conquer your inbox. Filter and file relevant emails and review any important communication to ensure there isn’t anything you’ve missed in the run up to December 25.

All of these tasks have one common goal: starting 2018 as fresh as can be. By clearing your desk both literally and figuratively, you can wave goodbye to 2017 knowing that come January 2, you’re ready to conquer whatever the year throws at you.

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Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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