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Salary review for blog 2018

In 2017, the team at Tiger interviewed and registered 7010 candidates. Along the way, we collected data, crunched the numbers and popped everything into a PDF, eventually creating our 2018 Salary Review.

The review aims to present a comprehensive picture of the support staff employees, explaining average salaries by industry and role and diving deep into the importance of benefits. Here are some of our key findings:


Benefits are the words on everyone’s lips, with candidates placing greater importance on a more health-conscious working environment. As a result, packages are now becoming more creative, with incentives like a day off on your birthday and complimentary dry cleaning.

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• The temporary market had a strong performance in 2017, with month-on-month growth. The average hourly rate increased by 13% to £12.50, while generally, the living wage increased by 3.6%

• 2017 graduates are entering the market with a 10% increase on hourly rate expectation

• The strong permanent market has led to a shortage of high-quality temporary workers, which has also contributed to an increase in hourly rates to secure talent

• In the permanent space, graduates are also starting to recognise the executive assistant role as a hugely credible profession

• In a similar way, senior-level EA salaries are starting to increase in response to the growing complexities of the role

• These senior-level salary increases have subsequently led to an overall average permanent salary increase of 5%, rising to £32,020


• The average private PA salary was £40,000

• Clients are increasingly requesting house managers to assist with their nomadic lifestyles

• 2017 saw an increase in candidates looking for benefits exclusive of base salary, including pension, private health care and discretionary bonuses

• The number of international candidates looking to work in the UK has reduced, most likely as a result of Brexit


• With technology improving by the minute, we expect the rate of virtual working to continue to increase in 2018

• Clients can expect to pay £25-£32 per hour for a great virtual EA in 2018

To find out more, request your copy of the 2018 Salary Review here, or get in touch.

Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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