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Travel planning is an incredibly common responsibility of many PAs and EAs. Between flights, visas, accommodation and transfers, there’s plenty to consider, and plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong!

As the founder of luxury travel company Brown + Hudson, Philippe Brown knows all there is to know about organising complex travel itineraries. Having built a reputation for crafting exceptional, one-of-a-kind travel experiences in every corner of the globe, there’s no trip he and his team can’t plan. Brown + Hudson’s mission for the past 10 years has been to recalibrate clients’ expectations of their travel company – by putting the client before everything, including the destination.

On April 18th, Philippe will be sitting down with Tiger Private’s candidates to reveal the secrets of successful travel planning. He will be sharing his unique travel planning techniques, with the aim of making the PA job easier and helping serve your employer better.

He’ll also be presenting the latest trends in high-end travel, the top destinations and hotel openings for 2018/2019.

Luckily for us, Philippe has given us a sneak peek of his top three travel planning tips, ensuring you can plan your principal’s next adventure without a hitch!

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Philippe Brown

1. You (or your boss) are the destination

According to Skift Megatrends 2018, ‘personal fulfillment is the new ultimate luxury’ for travel this year.
Skift states: ‘what constitutes a transformative travel experience can only be defined by each individual traveler based on their own personal values, passions and aspirations at a particular moment in time’.

With this in mind, focus on why your boss is travelling, rather than where they have asked to go. Their reasons and needs will change with each trip, for various reasons including external factors in their work or home life, who they are travelling with and when they are travelling.

2. Ask the right questions

To help you understand the why, ask questions that will dig a little deeper into their values, passions and aspirations – and of those travelling with them e.g. how do you want to feel on your journey and, more importantly, when you get home?

….in the right way

Set time aside to ask these questions, rather than rushed between other priorities. By prioritising these questions now, they will yield a much higher return on the investment they make in their trip – far beyond what they might already except.

3. Demand more….

…from your travel company, the hotel you’re booking, your local contact – whoever it is that you collaborate with to plan travel or aspects of it. You know what your boss expects. You also know that expectations and needs change minute by minute, whoever you work with to create your boss’ travel should be willing and able to accommodate their whims, in the same way you can.

Join us on April 18th, when Philippe will be expanding on the above ‘Secrets to Successful Travel Planning’, which aim to make your job easier, as well as sharing more of the latest trends in high-end travel, and the top destinations and hotel openings for 2018/19.

Looking for a role with plenty of travel planning? Tiger has multiple roles on offer. Get in touch today!

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