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Five ways to include support staff in your learning and development policies

Establishing and encouraging a culture of learning is one of most important elements of any business. Providing opportunities for employees to develop their knowledge and skills can increase morale, motivation, engagement and productivity, encourages a growth mindset and result in stronger business outcomes. However, it’s important to consider every employee in your policies, including your

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Outsourcing payroll: a Tiger service

Don’t want to invest in an in-house payroll system? Employing transient staff such as contractors or interns and wanting to fast-track the payroll process? Tiger can help! For a number of years, on top of our temporary staffing solution, we’ve offered a comprehensive PAYE payroll system for all our clients, but more recently, have noticed

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A guide to private household salaries

With no established benchmarking process, determining the appropriate salary for private household staff can be harder than first thought. As with any role, salaries are dependent on experience, qualifications, location and job responsibilities, and so can range widely. However, understanding the current market can provide insight into the industry standard and guide you in the

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Why you need to integrate sleep into your people strategy

Along with eating, hydration and keeping active, sleep is one of the integral pillars of wellbeing. A bad night’s sleep can result in memory problems, mood c hanges, memory problems, a weakened immunity system, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, memory problems, weight gain and affected balance and co-ordination. In fact, such is the

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Five ways to encourage the female pipeline in workplaces

With International Women’s Day still fresh in our memories and the looming mandatory gender pay gap reporting deadline in April, the topic of encouraging female talent in the workforce is more prevalent than ever. Companies are now dedicating time and resources to finding solutions that go beyond simply hiring more women. While this works on

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Closing the gender pay gap, one country at a time

On 2017’s International Women’s Day, Iceland made waves by announcing that from January 1, 2018, it would be illegal to pay women any less than men. As the first country in the world to do so, they set a new standard for addressing the gender pay gap, with the aim of completely eradicating it by

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The temping industry in 2018: what clients should know

The temping industry has changed dramatically since the recession of 2008. We sat down with Director and Head of Temporary Division (West End), Rebecca Siciliano, and Head of Temporary Division (City), Roxie Hanlon, to find out what value temporary workers bring to businesses. If you’re a business in need of a temp for one day,

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The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide for your principal

In the UK, February represents more than just the last month of winter. It is also the month of love, with Valentine’s Day falling on February 14. With a week to go, now is the time to make sure your principals are sorted for the big day. We’ve ventured across London, searching high and low

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2018 salary review

In 2017, the team at Tiger interviewed and registered 7010 candidates. Along the way, we collected data, crunched the numbers and popped everything into a PDF, eventually creating our 2018 Salary Review. The review aims to present a comprehensive picture of the support staff employees, explaining average salaries by industry and role and diving deep

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The benefits of hiring a boomerang

With a low employment rate but an ever-increasing number of vacancies, finding the right talent in today’s market is becoming harder than ever. This, coupled with the millennial tendency to jump around between companies and roles, has led to the rise of a phenomenon called the boomerang hire. A boomerang employee is one that has

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