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Simple steps to help you find a job

Sometimes, looking for a job can make you feel like you’re running around in a circle and not getting anywhere. Here are some simple steps to get you out of this rut, improving your chances and hopefully putting you on the path to a new position! 1. Ask your recruitment consultant for advice on your

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Improving your interviewing technique

In the job hunt process, there’s no doubting practice makes perfect. So, no matter how many job interviews you’ve done, it’s always worth considering how you can improve and what you can do better in the future. Make sure your skills are to scratch with the following interview tips: Preparation • Research the company and

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Questions employers should always ask in an interview

When hiring a executive assistant, PA or other administrative position, it is essential to get the interview right. The judgement you make at the end could have dramatic consequences for your team or your business. Therefore, before every meeting with a potential employee, it is worth taking the time to prepare, going through the questions you

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Five tips for successful PA recruitment

Recruitment of any kind presents a fantastic opportunity to refresh a team, job function or business culture. That being said, it’s not uncommon to feel some trepidation at the start of your recruitment journey. The process can take time and in a candidate-short market, you may need to shortlist multiple times before securing a suitable

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The ultimate guide to weird interview questions

With decades in the business, Tiger’s consultants have seen and heard it all when it comes to interview questions. Back in 2015, we noted that there’d been an increase in left of centre queries, with interviewers trying to elicit a completely honest response from candidates by catching them off guard. Three years later and weird

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How to stand out from the crowd as a graduate

When competing for your first graduate role, distinguishing yourself from your peers can be harder than first thought. If you are sitting at similar life stages to everyone else, how do you convince a potential employer that you’re the right person for the role? It all comes down to planning – the quest to stand

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The art of the handshake with William Hanson

Earlier this year, Tiger Private hosted William Hanson, one of the leading experts in etiquette, at an intimate event for Tiger’s candidates. During the night, he covered a range of topics, including the difference between manners, etiquette and protocol; the perfect handshake; how to meet and greet, and small talk. He left each attendee with

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How you’ll know if a job is right for you

In an employers’ jobs market, where there are many qualified applicants for every job opening, candidates may overlook the importance of ensuring the job is the right one for them. It is essential that you consider whether all elements of the position you are applying for is a good fit for you – beyond the

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Collaborative recruitment: 4 reasons why you should embrace it

Acquiring suitable talent is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. If it’s not a core responsibility, hiring can be considered a burden to hiring managers who are juggling their day jobs alongside filtering through applications, conducting interviews and making hiring decisions. Collaborating with other members of staff – both senior and junior – throughout

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Five talking points you should always bring up in interview

You’ve registered with your recruiter, your CV has been sent to the hiring manager and you’ve secured an interview. Congrats! The next step involves preparing for an interview. We all know this can take time to do properly, especially if you haven’t met your interviewer before and are unsure of what to expect from the

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