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Six calligraphy courses to try this Spring

With the computer encroaching on everyday tasks bit by bit, the handwritten note is becoming a rare art. However, in private households, being able to compose a beautifully written thank you note, name settings, card or invitation is of great value to a potential employer. In fact, one of the UK’s leading etiquette experts, William

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Brown + Hudson’s top three travel tips

Travel planning is an incredibly common responsibility of many PAs and EAs. Between flights, visas, accommodation and transfers, there’s plenty to consider, and plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong! As the founder of luxury travel company Brown + Hudson, Philippe Brown knows all there is to know about organising complex travel itineraries. Having

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Nine of the best co-working spaces in the UK: Part Two

We’re no strangers to the benefits of working from home. However, sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the house, experience a new environment and plough through a productive day. That’s where co-working spaces come in. Now on every other corner in London, these spaces fill the void between cafes and offices, offering freelancers and

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In Review: The Fat Duck

The basics Address: High Street, Bray, Berkshire SL6 2AQ Telephone: +44 1628 580 333 A snapshot Fat Duck is a brand synonymous with experimentation, liquid nitrogen, multi-sensory adventures and Heston Blumenthal. But while the cynics might presume his flagship restaurant to be little more than extravagant gimmicks and a pricey wine list, we found

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Nine of the best co-working spaces in the UK: Part One

Working virtually offers plenty of benefits, not least the fact that you don’t need to leave the house to start work. That said, after weeks in the same position, working at home might not be so positive after all! That’s where co-working spaces come in. A somewhat recent phenomenon, these spaces fill the void between

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A day in the life of a private PA

Are you thinking of becoming a Private PA or are you intrigued as to how a Private PA can help you? We speak to Sylvie [1] about what a typical day looks like supporting a busy chairman. 7.30am: I’m up and dressed, and have started to go through Henry’s calendar for the day. I text

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Five inside secrets from our star housekeeper candidates

Tiger Private regularly meets some incredibly talented candidates. Their skills are vast and wide-ranging. We meet Private PAs who can secure 7* private travel deals for free, chauffeurs who can navigate their way around several cities around the world, and Personal Trainers who can trim down clients by several kilos in no time. This week,

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So you want to be a Private PA?

We often see business PAs wanting to become private PAs – which is great – and we do encourage career moves that will take you in new directions and present new challenges. That said, it’s actually very difficult for us to place a business PA into a private PA role if they have no private

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A day in the life of a City PA

We meet several PAs on a day-to-day basis. City PAs are particularly unique and we love to hear about the diversity of their roles from one day to the next. We asked one of our star candidates, Lucy [1], about a typical day for her in the City. 6am: The alarm goes off and my

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Balancing your private life with your Private PA role

Striking a balance between your personal and professional life is difficult in any job. But for private PAs, it can seem virtually impossible. When you work to your principal’s schedule, travel with them and are expected to be on call at almost any time, it’s no wonder many struggle to maintain a social life as

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