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Challenges VAs face that PAs don’t

Are you considering the transition to a virtual assistant position? With added flexibility and the opportunity to work from home, it’s an attractive career path for many experienced PAs and EAs. However, as with any new role, there are job-specific challenges that you may not have encountered in your previous positions. Understanding and acknowledging these

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Five mistakes you could be making when managing a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are increasingly in demand, providing comprehensive and flexible secretarial and administrative support to businesses and private individuals, all from a remote location. When hiring a VA, it is important to understand that they still require an element of on-boarding and management, even if you aren’t working side by side. After all, your remote

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The benefits and challenges of working from home

As flexible working increases in popularity in workplaces across London, the number of people working from home is on the rise. According to research from the Trades Union Congress (TUC), over the last 10 years, the number of employees who regularly work from home has gone up by a fifth, while ONS statistics show flexi-time

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Nine of the best co-working spaces in the UK: Part Two

We’re no strangers to the benefits of working from home. However, sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the house, experience a new environment and plough through a productive day. That’s where co-working spaces come in. Now on every other corner in London, these spaces fill the void between cafes and offices, offering freelancers and

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Nine of the best co-working spaces in the UK: Part One

Working virtually offers plenty of benefits, not least the fact that you don’t need to leave the house to start work. That said, after weeks in the same position, working at home might not be so positive after all! That’s where co-working spaces come in. A somewhat recent phenomenon, these spaces fill the void between

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From PA to VA: How to transition to a virtual assistant

As virtual assistance continues to rise in popularity as a viable career option, more and more personal assistants are transitioning to a virtual role. With added flexibility and convenience, it has become a fantastic option for those looking to even out their work-life balance. However, the transition to a virtual assistant role requires plenty of

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2018 salary review

In 2017, the team at Tiger interviewed and registered 7010 candidates. Along the way, we collected data, crunched the numbers and popped everything into a PDF, eventually creating our 2018 Salary Review. The review aims to present a comprehensive picture of the support staff employees, explaining average salaries by industry and role and diving deep

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5 reasons why you should consider a remote working role

A growing number of people are now choosing careers that allow them to work from home – or anywhere in the world. According to the National Archives, more than 4 million people now work from home out of around 31 million workers in the UK, so it is clear that employers and employees alike are

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How Tiger Virtual can transform your business

As technology continues to rapidly progress, so too does the way in which we work. The traditional 9-5 working week is a thing of the past for many as technology continues to give us the flexibility we need. Which is why, in 2010, we launched Tiger Virtual to complement our existing permanent and temporary recruitment

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How to promote yourself as a virtual assistant

There may be many reasons why you choose to go down the virtual assistant career path. Perhaps you like the thought of being your own boss, or setting your own schedule and knowing exactly what you can do, when. Maybe it’s the flexibility aspect – you know you’re going to be moving around a lot

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