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Seven tips to maintaining a healthy work-life blend as a VA

The week marks National Work Life Week across the UK, which aims to encourage workers to adopt a healthier work-life blend. You may find it quite straightforward if your role is office-based, but if you’re working as a virtual assistant, this line can blur. Virtual assistants rarely work to set office hours; when you work

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A Day in the life of a VA

Working virtually as a business assistant can offer a flexible and rewarding career for the right candidate, but do you know what this role actually involves? We spoke to Allison, an experienced virtual assistant (VA), to break down a typical day supporting her clients. 6:30am: Although no day is the same, I usually try and

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Three things to look for when hiring a VA for the first time

If you’re a business owner or manager who has come to the point where you need a bit of extra support, but don’t need a full-time PA in the office,  a virtual PA may be the ideal solution for you.  Even though it makes sense on paper, the prospect of hiring virtual assistants can be

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Five New Apps Perfect for a Virtual Assistant

The idea of becoming a virtual assistant can sound very appealing – with flexible working hours, you can work from literally anywhere in the world and, if you’re experienced, it can be a much easier job than being in an office with a demanding boss. The reality of being a remote employee and offering virtual

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How to manage a remote workforce

Flexible working hours and hiring virtual support staff are huge topics of interest in the job market today. More than ever, employees want to choose when and how they work, and this can give an employer some major benefits as well. You can access a valuable skill set for a lot less cost and office

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How do I become a virtual assistant?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and commit to a full-time virtual assistant role. Whether it’s the chance to work flexibly from home, or you’re looking to diversify your workload, a virtual PA job in the UK is a fantastic option for administrative professionals. However, before you hand in your notice and commit to

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Staying motivated as a virtual assistant in London

You’ve made the transition to a virtual PA job, and are now working from home. While you may be able to put loads of laundry on between emails, or enjoy lunch at your dining table instead of at your desk, you may also find yourself lacking in motivation. With no team to encourage you and

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Challenges VAs face that PAs don’t

Are you considering the transition to a virtual assistant position? With added flexibility and the opportunity to work from home, it’s an attractive career path for many experienced PAs and EAs. However, as with any new role, there are job-specific challenges that you may not have encountered in your previous positions. Understanding and acknowledging these

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Five mistakes you could be making when managing virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are increasingly in demand, providing comprehensive and flexible secretarial and administrative support to businesses and private individuals, all from a remote location. When hiring a VA, it is important to understand that they still require an element of on-boarding and management, even if you aren’t working side by side. After all, your remote

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The benefits and challenges of working from home

As flexible working increases in popularity in workplaces across London, the number of people working from home is on the rise. According to research from the Trades Union Congress (TUC), over the last 10 years, the number of employees who regularly work from home has gone up by a fifth, while ONS statistics show flexi-time

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