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The ladder of learning: Encouraging career progression

Gone are the days of ladder-like career progression, where a trainee or entry-level assistant would slowly work up the ranks of their company to eventually reach a senior position. The modern world of work has transformed, bringing with it a new approach to career development, where experience and learning are emphasised and pathways appear in

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Best cafes for business meetings – Central London

When organising a business meeting for your boss, the office may not be the best spot, but your local Pret or Costa might not cut it either.  To fill the void, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best business meeting spots, bound to encourage successful conversation and creative thinking. 1. Notes Covent Garden Just minutes

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The heart of business: investing in corporate social responsibility

There’s no doubting that millennials are influencing the modern working world more than any other generation. Between flexible working, renewed employee engagement, career progression and diversity, workplaces are having to assess, re-design and enhance procedures and processes in order to cater for the ever-growing number of employable 22-37 year olds. However, arguably the largest area

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The benefits of benefits: TransferWise

TransferWise is a financial company for people that travel, live and work internationally. Starting out as an online international money transfer platform, it has now expanded to include e-money accounts, a debit card and a business platform that allow people to make payments and send money abroad easily, quickly and cheaply. Founded seven years ago,

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Embracing new ways of working: work-life blend and beyond

When Dolly Parton sang ‘Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living, barely getting by, it’s all taking and no giving’ in 1980, she shone a spotlight on the negative working practices that dominated the corporate world. Nearly 40 years down the line, the modern workplace is still haunted by the idea

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How to maintain a healthy office lifestyle

As winter sets in, it gets harder and harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the working day. With seven or eight hours in front of the computer, you’re bound to feel tired, have sore eyes and fall into the trap of staying sedentary. Luckily, there are small and easy changes you can make to

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How to boost office morale

Employee engagement continues to be one of the greatest challenges for modern workplaces. The current low unemployment rate and candidate-led market mean businesses need to invest in talent retention initiatives to ensure they don’t miss or lose out. Your employees’ engagement levels can be best measured during busy periods, as this is when they are

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Now what? Closing the gender pay gap post-pay reporting

In April 2017, MP Justine Greening declared that from April 2018, gender pay gap reporting would be mandatory for businesses with over 250 employees, throwing a very bright light on the disparity between male and female salaries. 18 months later and businesses are still reeling from the results – of those that reported their figures,

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Collaboration and critical thinking: how technology is affecting the future of work

30 years ago, a typical job for Angus Knowles-Cutler would be to look at the financial performance of the top 50 British companies over the last three years. To do this, he’d pop down to a library, pull out a couple of microfiche and spend the next 12 hours looking through a viewfinder to review

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Deciphering your pension

The pension has long been a contentious issue for policymakers, employers and workers in the UK. In December 2017, research by the Department of Work and Pensions found four in ten employees were under-saving for their retirement, with over half of these earning a middle or high salary. However, new research, released just in time

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