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New year, new team?

2016 was a big year. It’s safe to say Brexit came as a shock to many, and by no means readied us for Trump’s election later in the year. These political surprises were also peppered with a number of significant celebrity deaths: Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, to name a few. It was a year

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Five signs an employee is quitting

If your employees are considering pastures new, there should be some tell-tale signs you can read in advance. Don’t let a resignation come as a surprise – if you’ve read the signs properly, there may just be an opportunity to hang on to them. There are all the obvious indicators you’ll notice when an employee

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Hiring managers, know which interview topics to avoid

Recruiting is no walk in the park. Most hiring managers will know that a bad appointment could potentially cost their business threefold: the cost of searching, the cost of hiring, and the cost of training. So it’s all the more important to get it right first time. Having a structured hiring policy will play an

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The rise of portfolio workers

In recent years we’ve seen a number of trends emerge in the world of work. Arguably one of the more unanticipated developments has been the increase of “portfolio workers”. The term refers to individuals pursuing multiple professions, either out of personal interest or simply to supplement their income. Our consultants meet a number of candidates

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How to make your employees happy without spending any more money

When we ask our clients what keeps them awake at night, more often than not it’s talent retention that sits high on HR directors’ list of priorities. Never has there been more pressure to demonstrate efficiencies in staff retention – and never has it been tougher to do so. The online forums and industry bodies

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Five creative ways to attract the best talent

When recruiting a new permanent role, it goes without saying that if you’re looking for the best, you’ll probably need to go above and beyond to find them, let alone secure their interest and employ them. It’s also likely they already have a job, so what can you do to stand out? Where can you

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Top five tips for settling into a new role

Starting a new job is usually an exciting prospect for most of us, but it can stir up feelings of immense nervousness too. The desire to make a good first impression, remembering your colleagues’ names, and understanding the dynamics of the business culture are just a few of the challenges to overcome in those first

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What are your employees saying about you online?

We’d probably all agree that your employer brand is crucial to the successful recruitment and retention of talent for your business. And while branding is of course comprised of your external marketing and communications strategies, it’s also impacted by the ways in which your employees are talking about you outside the office. Your staff are

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Sexist… or uniform? High heels in the workplace

Nicola Thorp is a London-based actress and model. In between gigs, she temps as a receptionist and administration assistant. Polished, professional and reliable, she’s the perfect temp candidate for high profile businesses looking for someone to help out at the last minute. So, what do Thorp and Hollywood actress Julia Roberts have in common? Last

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How Tiger Virtual can transform your business

As technology continues to rapidly progress, so too does the way in which we work. The traditional 9-5 working week is a thing of the past for many as technology continues to give us the flexibility we need. Which is why, in 2010, we launched Tiger Virtual to complement our existing permanent and temporary recruitment

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