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Interviewing for a city-based role is not hugely different from any other – but if you want to work in the city, hiring managers are usually looking for some key specifics that might be helpful for you to know about.

1. Longevity

Hiring managers prefer to see that a candidate has held good tenure in previous roles. Jumpy experience gives them little confidence that you’ll stay with them for a while. And if you’re starting with them in a permanent capacity, the last thing that they want – having spent time and money on your training – is for you to leave.

2. Soft skills

Soft skills are intrinsically linked to your communication skills. They define your ability to be able to get on with those you work with, how diplomatic you are and how effectively you can negotiate, if required. These are critical to working in the city, especially if you’re on a trading floor.

3. Promotions in previous roles

If you’ve previously been promoted within the company you worked for, it speaks volumes in terms of how valued you were by your boss. Don’t forget to show your career growth on your CV or talk about it in interview.

4. Education

If you’re applying for a role in the city, regardless of whether it’s a PA position or Desk Assistant, a degree is preferable. Opportunities to progress are vast and hiring managers will see that more opportunities are available to you if you’re degree-qualified.

5. Extra-curricular interests

Your personal interests offer a window into your personality and help the interviewer conclude how well you’ll fit in with the existing team environment. Try to note more impressive interests than a stale list of shopping, Instagram or ‘hanging out with friends’!

6. Volunteering

If you’ve volunteered for a not-for-profit organisation before, definitely include this on your CV. It demonstrates compassion and a consideration for your community which implies the ways you might be able to help beyond the scope of your job description.

7. You’re solution-oriented

It’s one thing saying it in an interview; when the interviewer reviews your CV, this attribute should be clearly visible too. You can do this effectively by listing an achievement such as ‘supplier review reduced team expenses by 30% over 12 months’.

8. Positive attitude

Working in the city can be challenging at times. You might be working in more stressful environments so they need to know that you’re not going to get flustered too easily. In the interview you can demonstrate this with a smile!

9. You’re a ‘yes’ person

The most successful candidates in the city are those who are happy to get their hands dirty. Being a ‘yes’ person means you’re happy to go beyond the scope of your job description and you enjoy being involved in all aspects of the company, seeing the bigger picture beyond your own role.

10. Confidence

There are some big personalities in the city. The hiring manager needs to know that you won’t get bulldozed over by them! Confidence doesn’t equate to arrogance though. Assuming a quiet confidence can be demonstrated easily with body language, presentation and tone of voice.

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Author Kat Martin Tiger Recruitment Team

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