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Temping is a fantastic flexible working option for a range of people at different stages of their lives:  you could be a return-to-work-parent looking to get back into work slowly, a recent school leaver or university grad trying out the job market to see what fits. Alternatively, you might be looking for a complete career change and want to try a range of industries before settling on your preferred choice!

Our dedicated temp team specialises in matching exceptional candidates with employers of choice. From same-day requirements to long-term contracts, there’s always a benefit to making a positive lasting impression as a temp worker. Here are our top tips on how to get the best out of the experience.

Choosing the right temping agency

There are many things to consider when choosing the right temping agency, but a few of these elements are absolutely crucial. Ask around and see if you can get a referral to an agency from someone in your existing network, like a friend or family member, especially if you know this person has similar experience to you. Once you get an interview with a consultant, it’s imperative that you forge a bond with the person you’re meeting with. A great start is making sure you’re well presented, friendly and punctual when attending your consultant interview. Keep in mind, a consultant can meet with over one hundred people a month, so you want to have a strong, personal connection with them to ensure they will remember you for the best placements.

This step will either set your temping journey up for success, or it will be the main reason you’ve ending up frustrated without any suitable placements.

Getting your documents ready to go

Depending on your temp position, you will need certain documents ready to go in order to be put forward for a role. These may include referee details, a DBS check, visa or passport and your limited company status, if applicable. Your agency will also ask you to complete a number of forms and terms of engagement that you will need to return before you start your placement. Your agency would have talked you through this process but, if you’re prepared for temporary work ahead of time, you’ll be able to be sent out to work more quickly.

The first day

The majority of temp jobs in London won’t require an interview with the employer, so you need to have full confidence in the matching ability of the agency you’re with. If they’ve done a good job, they will have taken into account your skill set and personality, and found a workplace that suits both.

On the first day, arrive 10 minutes early (reliable temps will be requested back by employers) and respect the company’s dress code. Every temp role is different and you’ll have to adapt to a new workplace every time you start a new assignment. While this may be challenging if you’re set in your ways (!), being adaptable and open to new ways of working is a fantastic skill for the future. The key is to be friendly and helpful, and use this opportunity to expand your network of contacts.

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Throughout your placement

Stay on top of your timesheets as they are your responsibility. The recruitment agency will sort out your payment, so make sure you know the deadline for submission every week. Keep your lines of communication open with your agency throughout your placement as they will be your first port of call if problems arise. For example, your recruitment consultant should be contacted in the event that you’re unwell and can’t make it in, if you’d like to request a holiday or any other queries / issues that arise during your placement.

At the end of your placement, leave a handover for the next person in the position. It’s courteous and efficient, and it also leaves a positive impression. Growing your networks is one of the huge benefit of temping – you just never know where they might lead you!

The follow-up

Provide feedback to your recruiter about your temping experience. No detail is too small, as the more the consultant learns about the company from an employee’s point of view, the better.

This is for your benefit too: if the consultant knows more about you, they will be better placed to match you with the perfect employer. Get in touch with consultant by email to update your availability whenever it changes, as this ensures you stay front of mind when another great role comes up.  Regardless of whether your goal is to transition back into permanent work or into another temp job, your consultant can help you reach your next goal.

Tiger is one of London’s best temping agencies. Upload your details here to be informed about future opportunities with our agency.

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