How to find a reliable temping agency


Finding a good temp agency can quite often be harder than you think. It is crucial that you use a company that is well-respected in the market, has a temporary division of a certain size and is used to sourcing an appropriate calibre of staff. They also need to have a sound referencing system in place and be priced competitively.

When starting your search, there are several places you can look. Type “find a temp agency” into Google and it will bring up a number of agencies. Check out the relevant pages and see what they offer. They should describe how they work, which companies they recruit for and the positions they look after. They should also give some information on their recruitment process.

In the support staff recruitment market, all candidates should be tested by the agency on their MS Office and typing skills. Candidates need to have also been referenced, with two references provided. Some will collect five years of references. The agency needs to identify each of their candidates by taking a copy of a passport or driving licence.

The candidate should also have gone through an in-house screening process in the form of an interview, where they will have discussed their previous and current office experience with a consultant as well as going through their CV in some detail. As a hirer, looking for the best temp agency to recruit a temp through, the fact they carry out the above checks should give you confidence that they will provide you with the right candidate.

Where else can you source a reliable temping agency from?

The best source is personal recommendations – speak to one of your friends or contacts and ask them who they have used to do their hiring in the past. If they have had a positive experience, it is likely that you will too.

If you don’t know of someone who has hired a temp in the past, then how about asking someone who has temped before and which agency they were most impressed with?

Another source would be industry job sites. Each market sector has two or three top job sites where temp agencies will advertise. You can use this as a directory and call companies from there.


There is a lot of legal information that an agency has to adhere by. They need to have a contract of services agreement with each of their candidates as effectively they will be employing these individuals on your behalf.

They also need to provide you with paperwork to confirm that they comply with agency workers regulations. These nominate that once a candidate has worked with you for 12 weeks, then they are entitled to equal holiday and any bonuses that a permanent member of staff would enjoy.

Again, if an agency is fully up to speed with the legal side, it shows confidence in their offering.

At the end of the day, a good temping agency will work in partnership with you to find the best quality candidates. If they can’t do that while remaining compliant, it’s time to look elsewhere.

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Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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