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Writing a travel itinerary for your boss to truly appreciate

Whether you are someone who has little planning experience or a PA who has plenty, there’s always room to improve your travel itinerary skills. Here are some insider tips and tricks that can enhance one of the most important documents for your principal. At the top of an itinerary, state the dates of travel and

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How to search for a job in a tough market

As with any industry, there are highs and lows to recruitment. Some months, we have jobs coming out of our ears, and others it’s a little slower. If you ever find yourself searching in a tougher market, the first thing to remember is everyone is in the same boat! Don’t take it personally if you

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Who do I want to represent me for this job I am interested in?

There’s nothing wrong with signing up with multiple agencies to find yourself a new role. By choosing a few specialist agencies, you increase your chances of finding your dream role. That said, there are downsides to spreading yourself too thin. When a recruitment agency is briefed on a job by a client, terms and conditions

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The job of job hunting – Helping you manage your job search

Looking for a new job is a job within itself. For any of you who struggle to balance job hunting with your current working life, here are some tricks to help you manage your search time more efficiently and effectively. 1. Identify the recruitment agencies that will most likely be able to help. Agencies do

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A PA’s Insight – Working for Sony Music

The media industry would certainly be considered a ‘sexy’ sector. Many young women and men aspire to work in this vibrant environment and if this is you, Sarah Peach offers a fantastic insight into her time working at Sony Music. As Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant to the Vice President and Legal Affairs, this is undoubtedly an

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How private is your Facebook profile?

In the age of social media, separating your personal and professional lives is more important than ever. One of the first things potential employers will do is look at your online profile, and if they find things they don’t like, that could be it for your job prospects. It is therefore crucial that you edit

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How to apply for jobs advertised by Tiger in a difficult market

It can be a thankless task sending your CV out to agencies when times are tough. Sometimes, you don’t hear back from the agency and cannot fathom why they have not called you in to register, particularly when you feel that your CV is perfect for the role you have applied for. Tiger Recruitment receives

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How to find your first job in the secretarial field

Graduate or not, it is no easy task for first-jobbers to get a foot through the door of a company. Most positions nowadays require ‘previous experience’ – a vicious circle for those without! So how does one land that elusive first role? A business training school could be the answer. Whether you aim to be

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Beat the competition: a recruiter’s perspective

For the job seeker, the support staff market is more competitive now than at any point over the last 15 years. Yes, there are some very exciting opportunities out there for the experienced PA, but the competition is fierce. It is hard enough getting in front of a recruitment agency, let alone securing an interview

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Why a Virtual PA could be the ideal solution for you

Did you know Tiger has a virtual division? Our expert team can recruit for a range of virtual roles, including virtual PAs, bookkeepers, assistants, payroll assistants and receptionists. No matter the role, a virtual worker recruited through Tiger is a high-calibre individual who is totally flexible and can work on short-term, long-term or ad -hoc

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