Emily Jacobs

Content Editor

Emily is a writer, editor and all-round grammar nerd who looks after Tiger’s content needs. A born and bred Sydneysider, she made the move to London after spending a quarter of a century on home soil.

A life-long addiction to the power of words has influenced most of her life decisions, including her university studies. Emily completed a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Journalism and a Masters of Publishing and Editing.

Soon enough, she found herself writing and thinking about food as a Deputy Editor at a boutique culinary publisher in Melbourne. Nearly three years later, she followed the rest of her countrymen to London, bringing with her a coffee snobbery and tendency to call vegetables by the wrong name.

These days, in between jaunts to the European mainland, she’s writing, editing, strategizing and analysing all of Tiger’s content, ensuring that it complements long-term business objectives.

+44 207 917 1801