Kat Martyn

Kat Martyn

Director and Head of City Office

Kat is a seasoned recruiter, having placed exceptional candidates with employers of choice since 2005. She’s worked with a variety of clients from different industries – from global investment banks and asset management firms to start-ups, advertising agencies, TV studios and even space travel companies!

In 2015, Kat was approached to set up and run Tiger’s City office, putting her exceptional knowledge and network to the test. She’s been a roaring success, which she ascribes to one simple strategy: delivering excellent candidate care across the board. And her efforts don’t go unnoticed; she receives huge volumes of candidate and client referrals as a result. Needless to say, hers is a busy role – but her beloved Angus (her red labrador) more than makes up for a demanding day.

What makes you fiercely distinctive?

I’m driven by setting goals and ticking them off. From setting up the City office to running the London marathon (with no training), I get a big kick out of overcoming the challenges life throws at me!

+44 20 3009 3144