Tiger Hospitality for Employers: How it Works

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When looking for hospitality staff, it can be hard to find the right fit for your business, especially with so many staffing agencies for the hospitality industry to choose from. Head of Tiger Hospitality, Natalie Reason, explains how she helps make the recruitment process smooth and efficient for employers looking for both temporary and permanent hospitality staff.

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Three ways to hold on to return to work parents following parental leave

The Office for National Statistics has, just this week, estimated that the unemployment rate in the UK is 3.8%, which is the lowest since records began in 1974[1]. The contracting pool of available candidates means that it’s becoming increasingly important for employers to attract return to work parents back to the workplace. Employers have not

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Three ways an office manager can help onboard new staff

When it comes to onboarding, the office manager’s job description isn’t just about setting up a new starter’s computer, phone and official documents. As you’re in the unique position of working across all departments, you can also play an integral role in the successful onboarding of new employees through more informal means. We recommend partnering

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